Friday, 2 August 2013

The Dench Diary Paperback Book

Hello! I'm Afraid the 1st Edition has 

The United Nations of Photography, in association with Peter Dench, bring you the publishing sensation of the decade. Probably.

The diary of a sometimes working professional photographer

A book critics have described as "Alright",
and by Dench's mother as "Heaping shame upon the family name".

The award-winning English photojournalist brings us a day-by-day, blow-by-blow account of his life as a professional photographer. Strap yourself in, it's a rocky ride.

113 pages, 9 in full colour, all of them in high-defenition Dench

Prepare to be astonished at the cover that challenges publishing convention

The numbered edition of 250 each come with a signed beer mat

International Thriller Writer Tom Knox says;

"It has been my great privilege to appear in these witty, wry, insightful diaries almost as many times as the words 'vodka', and 'Pinot Grigio'. A delightfully inebriated triumph."

A5 Digitally printed 
113 pages printed in high quality
Perfect bound
250gsm white matt covers printed full colour outside
B&W inside with no laminate 90gsm off white (recycled) 

£6.99 + £2.50 P&P.

Alternatively, 2 glasses of house red and a bowl of nuts at Villiers Terrace