Wednesday, 5 March 2014

England Uncensored : The Book

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Peter Dench : England Uncensored : Collectors Edition of 100
Hardcover, 144 pages, 255 x 280 mm, closed format, landscape, 150 gsm GardaPad Kiara paper, each book has an embossed numbered stamp and comes with a signed and numbered original print.
ISBN: 978-1909076006 Journalism Experiences Ltd 2012

[inc postage and packaging]

Peter Dench : England Uncensored : Standard Edition of 900
Hardcover, 144 pages, 255 x 280 mm, closed format, landscape, 150 gsm GardaPad Kiara paper
ISBN: 978-1909076006 Journalism Experiences Ltd 2012

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"England has never exactly been glamorous. Many of the English still insist on embarrassing themselves, wearing laughable clothing, eating terrible food and behaving inappropriately. Alcohol features prominently because, whether living it up at Henley Royal Regatta or at a hen's party in Blackpool, the nations favourite legal high is never far away. So many attending England's festivals, country house events, sporting fixtures, jollies and jamborees look disappointed and confused, as if they cannot quite understand why they are not having the marvellous time they were expecting or think they deserve.

England Uncensored documents the ordinary and the extraordinary. It explores all corners, from cities to tired beaches, via nightclubs, dressing rooms, cathedrals and famous sites in the country, such as Lord's cricket ground and Hampton Court Palace, as well as presenting some of England's more unusual events, e.g. the War and Peace Show in Beltring, Kent - the "largest military vehicle spectacular in the world" - where civilians can dress in military uniform and carry weapons, or the central London themed disco with adults dressing in school uniform to relive the "best days of their lives."

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  1. England Uncensored

    By Mel Evans, 25/09/2012
    This has to be the best book I have bought this year. The moments caught are fantastic and look beautiful in colour.

  2.  A bright and bold view of England.

    By Chris Demott, 08/06/2012
    This is a beautifully printed journey through the quite often deliberately ignored side of England along with wonderful images of some amazing characters. At a time when all eyes are on us this really does give a jolting view of some remarkable events and people along with some other moments that would seem so alien to most but are captured so well and look so natural. The colours are bright and bold and the subjects are often even bolder. Ranging from charming, touching, shocking and hilarious to on occasion quite uncomfortable viewing England Uncensored really does offer a quite original view of some of this nations subjects. 


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