Monday, 4 February 2013

The collected Dench Diaries eBook

The collected Dench Diaries are now available to download via iTunes

Yes my friends, the wait is over : Around 45,000 words across100 pages of invaluable advice on how to survive as a modern day sometime working professional photographer;



The Diary of a Sometime Working Professional Photographer is an honest, humorous and highly original diary created by international award winning photographer Peter Dench.

It is a diary about the times between the shoots and focus's on his attempts to find and keep clients, publish a book of his work and ensure that he is able to continue to work as a professional photographer. At times painfully honest The Diary of a Sometime Working Professional Photographer is essential reading for any professional photographer or anybody who feels that professional photography may be a career for them.

Peter Dench is based in London and works primarily in the advertising, editorial and
portraiture fields of photography. In 2010 Peter placed 2nd in Advertising at the Sony World Photography Awards. He has also had a number of solo shows of his work including screenings at Visa Pour l'Image in France. Peter has achieved a World Press Award in the People in the News Stories Category and participated in the World Press Joop Swart Masterclass. Football's Hidden Story, a FIFA sponsored project documenting 26 stories across 20 countries received 6 global accolades including a World in Focus, AOP Open and PDN Photo Annual Award.

The Diary of a Sometime Working Professional Photographer does not contain images. 

& available to download here

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"This is a proper gloves off, bare knuckle fight of professional photographer Peter Dench documenting his struggle against the day to day survival of a sometimes working pro.

Well worth the price of a pint, so grab yourself a copy!"

Dean O'Brien, Photographer

"A very well written, honest, funny account of as stated a sometime working professional photographer. We all dream, or think, we could have been in a Band, we get older and loose our looks and think we have a novel in us. Maybe we have a camera and think, taking photographs can't be that hard and that a job hobnobbing around models and war zones would be a better job than the safe one I have now.

Peter tells it like it is, hard, hard work, in these times when as musicians have found digital has killed off the market. Is it the technology or the abundance of great stock on places like Flickr? Peter seems well connected and qualified and has a certain look many seek, so how/why can't he secure enough work to treat his daughter or wife to the things many see as everyday things. I don't know Peter, I am not very familiar with his work, but if you have any flirtations of becoming a professional full time photographer (other than weddings) read this first.

His writing is great, easy to get along with, enticing enough to keep you hooked, crossing your fingers in empathy for assignments and payments to come through. I await further editions and hopefully he will receive payment from this not to be ignored journal, so he can continue to shoot and tell it like it really is."

Colourblind Bob,  Photographer

"I downloaded it last night and read through it all..!!! wonderful, rye , depressing yet uplifting..!!!"

Kalpesh Lathigra, Photographer

"As thriller-writer Tom Knox, it has been my great privilege to appear in these witty, wry, insightful diaries almost as many times as the words 'vodka', and 'Pinot Grigio'. A delightfully inebriated triumph."

Tom Knox, International Thriller Writer

"Bought and read. £2.99 not gonna get you a pint in the Villiers after Apple has their bite but it's a great read nevertheless."

Derek Hudson, Photographer 

"This books good, I'm a third of the way through and I've only been reading an hour."

Mathew Aslett, Photographer  

"You'd be mad to miss the book of madness!"

Toby Smith, Photographer


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