Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Mr Lethal Bizzle : Latest Dench Diary Video

What is Dench? Over to you Tim Westwood and Mr Lethal Bizzle;

Delighted that Mr Lethal Bizzle and his friend Frimpong, have harnessed the power of Dench into a successful clothes range. The T-Shirts have sold out. Plans are for hoodies, hats, jumpers, sweatshirts and jackets. Keep checking in with for stock updates. There is also a forthcoming Dench toy (or it could be tour), and a Dench song, let's hope it's out in time to make a push for Christmas number one. I look forward to seeing what Mr Lethal Bizzle may rhyme with Dench, I can't think of anything.

Dench, according to the Urban Dictionary is another meaning for "sick" or "nice." If something is well Dench, you can say, "It is well Judi Dench," although I think, "It is well Dame Judi," has a nicer ring to it. Or should that be a Dencher ring to it?

They come in a variety of colours, colours, colours;

. . . . news coming in, yes, yes, it's here, the Mr Lethal Bizzle freestyle DENCH rap;

Also for your viewing pleasure, the latest Dench Diary video;