Saturday, 5 February 2011

FORMAT International Photography Festival

England Uncensored

Delighted to be included in this years FORMAT International Photography Festival 'Right Here, Right Now' - Exposures From the Public Realm running in Derby UK from 4th March to 3rd April. There will be some teasers from my England Uncensored set running as a loop on a digital screen in the QUAD exhibition and the FOCUS section of the festival. Work also featured at QUAD include Brian Griffin, Joel Meyerowitz, George Georgiou, Jeff Mermelstein, Raghu Rai and many more.

Thank you to the Kentish Photography Club who kindly invited me to give a short presentation and hand out the gongs at their annual awards for 2010. Congratulations to Paul Spree who took the overall winners trophy and to Steve Baker who won most improved member. Read more of my adventures with the KPC in the Dench Diary March issue of Professional Photographer Magazine out later this month. Talking of which, bringing you up to date with the PP Podcasts;

Podcast 7 - Business

Podcast 6 - Icons

Podcast 5 - Competitions

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