Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The Sun

Comments from Sun readers in response to a Photo Essay published earlier this year;

"Travelling the length of Britain to capture the heart of the nation on camera." - looks like he just wanted to make us all out as a bunch of drunken fools to me! Also nice to see that the only pictures of teenagers on there are those of drunken ones and speaking on mobiles, there are more depth to the younger generation, I suppose he just went for the stereotypical image though!

As an overseas reader I have to say that this is a very poor illustration of the Britain I know. I remember the green and beauty of the place. These pictures show a poor cross section within the boundaries of the subject matter. From the woman with the hat, skirt hiked up around her thighs and what I assume is a friend with a handful of lager barely able to stand, to the guy with a newspaper on his head against the rain, I don't think we have a winner here. I love Britain and a visit always sends me back home with regrets that I missed something. But, I have to say, if this was an advert I'd been reading for "where to go", believe me when I say, keep your drunks and bare chested thugs, I'll go to Miami+

Awful pictures every single one of them. Bad compositions, wrong exposures, the kind of photos drunk people take at parties with a cheap point and shoot camera. Gives real photographers a bad name.

length of the country?? hardly made it out of london. what about the 3 other countries in britain? do they not count?

There is a VERY clear inspiration of Martin Parr with this photographer. Just like looking at his work.


  1. Certainly made me chuckle

    Do you think this is trolling by one of your competitors ?


  2. Great Britain is made up of three countries. The United Kingdom is Great Britain and Northern Ireland.