Sunday, 14 February 2010

My first major solo UK show 'LoveUK' opened at the Third Floor Gallery in Cardiff on Friday just over a month after I first heard about the proposed opening. It's been an intense and enjoyable month and I've learned a lot. Joni Karanka & Maciej Dakowicz have done a phenomenal job getting it together and I owe them a big thanks along with their volunteers, especially Darren, a multi-purpose legend.
Martin Parr had an exhibition opening in Cardiff the previous evening of Welsh 'Working Men's Clubs' and was sporting enough to pose with Joni & Maciej holding one of the 'LoveUK' fliers.
Thanks to the nearby Newport College numbers through the door hit around the 200 mark with everyone adding something unique to the atmosphere, special thanks to Sam Cornwell for posting a video on youtube which gives a good sense of the night and to Dom at Welsh Icons. It was also a thrill to finally meet Magnum legend David Hurn who I understand enjoyed one of the prints - seeing old people in Love makes him happy.
Always slightly concerned when Stella is on the menu. I haven't touched it since the early 90's after one altercation too many. A sense of the inevitable then when one guest had a drop too much and punched a hole in the wall, fortunately missing the prints. The Polish boxing world has a new contender.

Happy Valentines Day each and everyone!

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  1. Nice post, Peter. Great to meet you and everyone else.